June 26, 2006

Extra Meta, For Your Self-Referential Pleasure

Ever since I wrote about discovering there was a porn star with a name almost identical to my nom de 'net, I've been getting tons of hits of people looking for her - "Isabella Rossa."

If you Google that phrase, right now you find me as the third link. (And yes, I'm aware that mentioning this again will earn me more hits of this nature. But I have to explore this issue, because it's funny. And this kind of thing happens to many bloggers, including my friend Mob.)

As a public service, I'd like to address the pornhounds of planet Earth. (Yeah, I have a Sitemeter, dudes, I can tell where you're from. Hi, Denmark! Hi, France! Hi, Italy! Feeling a little lonely today?) Okay, here goes:

HI! I AM NOT A PORN STAR. While I may or may not be "busty," I am certainly not a "MILF." I know this for sure because I have never birthed or adopted or otherwise mothered any baby-type humans. I may have worked at times as a nanny for many adorable children, yet, at best, this would only designate me as a "NILF."

People who know me well would describe me as modest. You know, relatively "good" and whatnot. I don't entice tv repairmen to the syncopated strains of bow-chica-bow-wow. I don't spontaneously lose my business attire, along with my inhibitions, during job interviews. I'm aware of the meaning of the acronym DVDA only because I am a fan of the work of Trey Parker and Matt Stone. And you're never going to see naked boobies, mine or anyone elses's, on my blog. So go away. Thanks!

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