March 2, 2010

What? I'm blogging again?

I know, it's been a million years. Or 3-4 months. Especially sad because I missed the fifth anniversary of my very first blog post, way back in February 2005. Anyway, how are you? I've been really busy with a ton of new creative projects, but I hope to start poking my face into blogworld to share info about new plans, new projects, new skills.

Recently I went through about 3 months of Chicago Underground Comedy sets and pulled out little bits for some snappy new 1-2 minute highlight clips, 8 in total. I'll post them below, but if you want to soak in about ten minutes of uninterrupted ChUC awesomeness, enjoy this playlist of all 8 clips, which features every current ChUC castmember (oops, except for Mike Stanley) and a few favorite guests.

Chad Briggs, James Fritz, and Brendan McGowan:

Paul Thomas, Beth Stelling, and Ricky Carmona:

Nate Craig, Cameron Esposito, and Ken Barnard:

James Fritz, Hannibal Buress (currently writing for Saturday Night Live!), and Drew Michael:

Mort Burke, Jim Fath, and Jeff Hansen. Fath gets the award for best Hitler joke.

Prescott Tolk, Adam Burke, and Brendan McGowan:

Ricky Carmona, Chad Briggs, and Dan Telfer:

Prescott Tolk, CJ Sullivan, Mike and Duane:

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