February 1, 2012

Ever Mainard - "Here's Your Rape" at Chicago Underground Comedy last night

Last night's ChUC was an incredible show, maybe one of the best we've ever had. Our beloved castmember Ever Mainard got up there, full of jangly nerves and jittery brilliance, and blew all of our minds. If you ever wondered if talented comedians can make any topic funny (even rape), the answer is yes. If they're . And in general, I was extra proud of my show last night. The lineup was Ever, Jeff Hansen, Mike Stanley, Nate Simmons, and special guests Chaya Carey, Rhea Butcher. Truly an unrepeatable evening with a hugely supportive crowd and killer performances. BRILLIANT. This is the reward for all the anxiety and stress. This is why we do it.

EDIT 2/7/12: This video is being reposted and discussed in a lot of places online, and I just want to clarify: Ever is discussing a real event that happened a few days before and all the details were as she describes them here.

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