June 28, 2016

The Opera "Quantum Mechanic," Directed By Andrew Snyder

My brother Andrew Snyder, a creative director, has been working as a director of John Bilotta's opera "Quantum Mechanic," as staged by Chicago's Floating Opera Company. (You can also find the Floating Opera folks on Facebook.)

I had the pleasure of being there to photograph both a pre-show costume fitting, a rehearsal, and also a performance, which was in the Peterson Garden Project's Community Cooking School at the Broadway Armory.

The show is described as a "an interactive culinary experience and opera performance. The event begins with mixology, food demos, and tasting with Chef Alvin Yu of Fyusion Dining."

My brother found a fabulous costume designer, Kate Setzer Kamphausen, who put together beautiful, colorful dresses for the ladies (the men weren't quite as colorful).

As New Fangled Opera describes the show (which clocks in at a tidy 15 minutes), "Quantum Mechanic is a quirky comedic short opera. Mrs. Schroedinger is preparing a dish in her kitchen when suddenly, her quantum QRX-3000 Refrigerator malfunctions, ripping a hole in time and space. As beings start to materialize from other dimensions, she calls for the help of the Quantum Mechanic. The mechanic soon realizes that he cannot fix the problem without destroying the alternate universe, but he must do what he has to do before all universes are lost. After the harrowing ordeal, Mrs. Schroedinger’s dish is perfectly prepared and order is restored."

I always love the energy backstage before a show, and the feeling of having a "pass" to run around in the green room, sneak photos of the set before the show begins, and generally soak up all the performers' excitement, while knowing my function is entirely behind the scenes, therefore avoiding anything even close to performance anxiety. (I did this for 8 glorious years as the producer of Chicago Underground Comedy, armed in that case with a videocamera rather than taking photographs, but the feeling is the same. Supporting other artists and showing them at their very best is an instinct that serves this creative introvert very well!)

Chicago is a huge theater town, and though my inclinations have always been more toward the comedic, I wouldn't mind being in and around more theater/musicals in a photographic context. So everyone be sure to let my brother know he needs to direct more operas. ::wink::

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