May 29, 2005

Hand-holding Rollerbladers Are The Devil

I just finished up a lovely three hour bike ride along the Lake Shore bike trail thingee, and I feel exhausted and refreshed at the same time. It's so much fun on weekends to see all the people out enjoying the beautiful greenery in the park. There are cyclists, runners, and walkers all over the trails, and people playing soccer, tennis, basketball, and volleyball everywhere. Families grilling hot dogs and hamburgers, people doing tai chi, people fishing off the docks and from boats, jetskiers foaming up the coastline, kayakers, and people doing frisbee and agility tricks with their dogs. I've lived here a full month as of today and while I sometimes still feel like a stranger trying to fit in where I don't belong, there are moments when I feel like a happy fit in a crowd, finding just the right places to pass, veer off, and maintain momentum. One thing is for sure: handholding rollerblade couples are Satan's agents of cycling accidents, and I hate them all. Happy Memorial Day Weekend, Chicago! Big kiss.

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