June 27, 2005

Official Announcement: I Love Barack Obama

I started reading about him just before he started garnering national attention, when he was running for Senate.

I'm as cynical about politicians and power as anyone else who has studied history. Most of the time, when I see a politician speak, I'm thinking "Geez, how many favors does he own to who now that he's in office? What interests is he here to represent and award lucrative contacts to? Is he a robot or a vampire? I'm scared."

But Barack Obama is unmistakeably something special. The real deal. Someone with the potential to bring people together and do amazing things. A guy who wants to be a "public servant" and help others better themselves, and not just function as a facilitator to closed door power deals.

Did you see his keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention? A star is born.

And now, Chicago is my town, and he is my Senator, and I'm so happy to see his posters all over the place.

Recently he gave a commencement address at Knox College:

It’s my first day in the building, I have not taken a single vote, I have not introduced one bill, had not even sat down in my desk, and this very earnest reporter raises his hand and says:

“Senator Obama, what is your place in history?”

I did what you just did, which is laugh out loud. I said, place in history? I thought he was kidding! At that point, I wasn’t even sure the other Senators would save a place for me at the cool kids’ table.


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