July 20, 2005

About the Blog Itself

Okay, so I've realized that it's important to link to permanent versions of news stories online (directly from the AP or whoever) and not from local news outlets, which have to delete stories from their servers and web pages after a period of time.

Some of those old links from months (and even just weeks) ago are dead, and I may or may not have the time and will to go back and correct them. From this point on, though, I will be more careful to link to permalinks.

Another point to make here is that I tend to edit again and again, sometimes long after the original post, clarifying points, adding pictures, correcting errors, etc. A lot of the time I compose text at home on my poky-ass dialup account and go back later, when I have wireless access, to gather and add photos, so just keep that in mind. Things are always changing.

Also, yes, I've started to use pictures. Hope they make the whole experience more fun and/or enlightening. I figure since this is a not-for-profit site (and has no regular readers at this point anyway, for heaven's sake) I'm cool using things from other pages, and making alterations as I see fit.

One last note: I have not figured a way to adequately set aside quotes from other sources using the blockquote feature, so for the time being I will keep doing the "all quoted material is in italic red text" thing I seem to have going on.

Back to the fun now.

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