July 21, 2005

Craigslist Posting From Crazy Person Seeking Attractive Young Woman on Northside of Chicago

Why do I pine for suitable male companionship when dreamboats like this are looking for women (sort of) like me?

I am an imaginative yet still competent Male, 33, in Chicago seeks clever, creative, attractive, single female, 25 to 40 with height and weight proportionate, also in Chicago. Interests include art, writing, role play, erotic horror, theatrical magic, and fetishism.

The fantasy I wish to share is one where I play the role of a magician who uses the props of my theatrical art to restrain and then torture my lovely assistant. The process is humiliating, macabre, and somewhat violent but in the end her body is restored but her mind is enraptured from the experience leaving her wanting nothing but more.

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