July 18, 2005

The Dummy Diaries, or, I Will Never Be Dooced

One of the reasons I insist on making this blog more and more content and idea focused, and less about my personal or work life:

MY husband let her go the following Monday while my younger son and I were attending a Music for Aardvarks class. Even though she had posted entries about how discontented she was with our house and children and must have known there was a pretty good chance I'd read them, she appeared shocked. My husband didn't bring up the blog with her and instead cited other factors for her dismissal. He did not, he told me, care to find himself a character online.

Although, really, how stupid was that girl? Giving your boss your blog URL, where you spew bile about your job and the horrible people you work for? What an idiot.

The main reason I would hesitate to pass my blog info on to employers (or anyone) is mostly because it's all science-y and junky and boring, not because it's sexy or bitchy or scandalous. And besides, I have the best nanny job in the world.

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