July 23, 2005

The Most Boring Piece of Junk I've Watched Lately: "Won't Anybody Listen?" No.

I've been on a huge documentary kick for quite a while now. I have found a lot of unexpected gems, and a few big bores.

From a cranky user review:

This is a movie about a lame band who just can't see how their music is weak, lame, and boring. I guess they must have paid their own money to release this, because no one else would. As BAD as today's commercial music IS, even THIS band did not deserve a showcase movie.

Seriously. This movie is billed as "searing indictment of the music business," when it's really more of a "why did anyone decide this was worth the time and effort" kind of thing. A seriously bad, boring band of boring dudes, whose parents talk excitedly about their sons' appearance on "Star Search," which was a big deal because it was, after all, "national television! and prime time!" They fix boilers and sell amps for a living while wondering why fame and fortune are not yet theirs. They seem to think it's because the music business is shallow, and money-driven, and overcrowded with wannabes, but they should seriously consider the most likely explanation: they are lamewads.

"Won't Anybody Listen?" Well, I am kinda sorry I watched.

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