July 19, 2005

Steven Seagal Releases an Album


Steven Seagal, action icon and star of such films as "Hard to Kill," "Under Siege" and "The Glimmer Man," is planning an early 2006 U.S. release date for his debut album, "Songs From the Crystal Cave."

The set is already available in France and will be sold in Asia come September. The martial-arts master culls from a wide swath of musical influences on "Cave," including blues, rock, pop, Jamaican dancehall and traditional Indian music.

I've never heard Steven Seagal perform as a musician, but I have seem some of his movies, and I think I can safely say that his upcoming album is about as unneccessary as that vanity band Russell Crowe finally stopped talking about.

Then again, he is a reincarnated master, so what do I know.

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