August 24, 2005

Home From Work, Feeling a Little Puny

Monday morning I was involved in a minor hit-and-run accident while I was running items in a cab from work to a nearby hotel, where some colleagues were running a meeting. I had just sat down and closed the door when we were hit by a white van who attempted an illegal passing move, and then sped off. I hit my head and received a minor neck sprain but got good care from the docs at the Northwestern ER. Today at work I experienced some nausea from the meds and so am home now, sleeping off the ill effects. I need to remember to ask for something more gentle next time I need pain meds. What a wuss!

And I'm keeping some perspective, because as I was researching taxi accident rates, I came across an article describing a bad cab accident that former NBA player Manute Bol was involved in:

Some 76 days after the accident and still facing a long rehabilitation, Bol is not only broken but broke. He says he has no health insurance and is not eligible for his NBA pension until he is 45. He gave away an estimated $3.2 million to help his countrymen fight the Islamic government in Sudan, and he's not sorry he did. "I don't feel bad because I feel I saved some people by doing that," said Bol.Still, as he lies in bed, his mind wanders.

Poor guy.

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