September 23, 2005

Also Storm Related: Idiots Who Think They Are Scientists

Someone with poor writing skills and a weak grasp of basic scientific principles seems to think that if only he had enough money, he could stop tornadoes with rockets and explosives. Let's throw giant piles of money at this man! If he can stop tornadoes, he can stop hurricanes, too! How long must his genius go unrewarded? Here, he delivers his irresistable pitch:

Hi, I'm Brad Mason the creator of Tornado Fighters. The advancements made in tornado detection has put the ball in mans court as far as the next step in tornado defense. The stopping of the tornado and its dastardly evil. Following, I'll try to convince you to protect your lives and property from the tornado. I've been promoting tornado destruction for three years now. People have said they saw something on Discovery Channel or somewhere about stopping the tornado but I haven't seen it. The powers at hand (government, NOAA, NWS) are dragging their feet as far as stopping the tornado. (My bad, they're not doing anything.) All I can see is we have to save ourselves. Money talks everything else gets to shut up. Continued forecasting is paramount. But the last outbreak of tornados (Nov. 6-11, 2002 Alabama to Ohio) killed 25-35 people, I heard as many as 70 tornados touched down, NOAA and NWS can't deal with this kind of terror. We must start protecting ourselves. AMERICANS DON'T COWER! HOW MANY TIMES DO YOU HAVE TO BE HIT BEFORE YOU HIT BACK!

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