September 18, 2005

Recent Visitors To This Blog

According to my (frequently unreliable) stat counter, recent visitors to this blog include people from the following areas. How the hell they found their way here, I can't say. Looks like mostly random "see next blog" links. Most of you seem to look briefly at the first page and then run away screaming. Anyway, the breakdown:

Lyons, Illinois
Shenandoah Junction, West Virginia
Montral-Ouest, Quebec
Ottawa, Ontario
Lanham, Maryland
Indianapolis, Indiana (Hi, Mom!)
Washington, District of Columbia (Hi, Oldest Brother!)
San Jose, California
Chicago, Illinois (Hi, Niece!)
Newington, Connecticut
Hillsborough, North Carolina
Washington, Gateshead, UK
Lemon Grove, California
Los Angeles, California
New York
Elkhart, Kansas
Little Rock, Arkansas
Whittier, California
Nashua, New Hampshire
Moody, Texas
Macedon, New York
West Sacramento, California
Utama, Jawa Barat
Tampa, Florida
Trenton, Michigan
Ann Arbor, Michigan
United Kingdom
Atlanta, Georgia
Lincoln, Illinois
Saint Paul, Minnesota
Bloomington, Indiana
Saint Louis, Missouri
Brampton, Ontario
Huntsville, Alabama
Ottawa, Ontario
South Richmond Hill, New York

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