September 5, 2005

Something Almost Happens to Michelle Pfeiffer

Michelle Pfeiffer had a close call the other day in London, where she's filming the comedy "I Could Never Be Your Woman." According to The London Daily Mirror, Pfeiffer and her driver were at Camden Market, in North London, loading her Range Rover up with purchases, when a gang of carjackers descended. They caused a distraction, and one man jumped in the car and sped off. But Pfeiffer's rep tells us the star herself wasn't there, just her hireling. "She was just glad no one got hurt," the rep notes. In the flick, Pfeiffer plays a TV producer who falls for a younger man, played by Paul Rudd.

Not to be picky, but isn't a "close call" when something potentially dangerous happens to you and you manage to escape? Not so much when something happens to your lackey while they're running your errands? When the assistant eats pizza, does Michelle get pepperoni breath? I know, I know. It's called PR.

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