October 22, 2005

A Call To Arms: Paper Hat Guy E-Mails Bella

Right before I left for Las Vegas, I received an e-mail with the subject line: "I'm the paper hat guy."

Yeah, that's right, paper hat guy. Loyal readers of my blog (Hi, Mom!) will remember him from my blog entry where I whined about being sick and taking the train to see a doctor. A link to that entry: More Delight on the Red Line - This Time, With Paper Hats.

Paper Hat Guy, is, in fact, a real person: Scotty Iseri. He's the guy in the light green t-shirt in the photo above. From his e-mail (which he okayed for reprint here):

Hi bella,

My name's scotty. Just wanted to say thanks for the kind words on your blog. I've been called worse than puckish and lanky.

The paper hat thing is a game i'm trying to get started for CTA riders. There's 3 rules:

1) You can't talk (no saying "Hey you! Put this hat on!")
2) You can't force anybody to play (So no fair putting hats on sleeping/drunk people)
3) You always win (people tend to like this rule)

And you saw how it was played. Get on the train, make a hat, put it on. Make another hat, give it to somebody, stare at them until they put it on. Repeat until the car is full.

Thanks tons for playing along. it's always easier when there's some cool people that catch on right away. If you ever get the urge to play the game, shoot me off an email and lemme know how it went.

Thanks again,


You heard him, folks. It's a movement. Uncle Hat wants you. Start your own round of the paper hat game the next time you're bustling through the city on the CTA.

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