November 23, 2005

You'd Think That Writing an Angry Fan Letter Might Be Enough

...but then, have you ever heard "I Want Action?"

from Eonline:

s gunning for Bret Michaels.

The Poison frontman literally dodged a bullet, or at least a pellet, escaping injury after someone fired a single shot into his tour bus Monday night.

The "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" singer was inside his luxury coach when the incident took place outside the Rumble Seat Bar and Grille in Chicopee, Massachusetts, where he was due to perform.
Also, hilariously, lists a song on Poison's greatest hits album (an oxymoron if I ever heard one) as "Unskinny Bob." I'm embarrassed to say that I know that the correct title of that crappy song is actually "Unskinny Bop."