March 30, 2006

Fake-Alikes in England

Want to creep yourself out with a peek at show-biz lookalikes? Some are pretty close, some are waaaaaay off the mark.

Wow, the almost-Gwyneth looks a lot like Gwyneth. She could lighten her brows a touch and flatiron her hair more (the real Gwyneth would never have frizzies), and then she'd be perfect. Wait, except she should look 150% more smug and entitled. Then she would be complete.

Hey, maybe the real Gwyneth could hire the almost-Gwyneth to act in movies for her, and that way she could shut up about the whole "now that I'm a motherI wouldn't DREAM of going back to work, and any actress who does is a horrible monster" crap.

Although the fake Nicole

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