March 30, 2006

Spring: Oh, It's ON!

Spring has come to Chicago! How do I know Spring is really, truly, for real happening now? Why, I'm so glad you asked.

#1 - Doggie water bowls on the sidewalks outside of local businesses.

#2 - I took a walk from the beginning of Hollywood Beach down to Foster Beach tonight after work, and it was sunny and in the high '60's. People were jogging and playing fetch with their dogs all over the place. Dads and kids were flying kites on the beach at Foster. Cute boys were playing lacrosse there, too.

#3 - Little purple (and other colored) flowers peeking up through the earth all through the neighborhood. I was telling a friend today that I can actually smell the earth warming up and beginning to produce new growth.

#4 - My mood is lifting, my horizons are expanding. As usual, perhaps owing to my Amish/Nordic roots, I've been in a bit of a winter funk for some time now. Not dangerously moody. I still get to work on time, eat my greens, put in my gym time, get my homework done, and all of that. But the melancholy lingers. I'm a little off. Extra serious about things, and extra sleepy. Until right about...NOW. Now the fog has lifted, and I'm so full of fidgety energy I usually hit the beach running, and would be happy to bike and play outside all day. (With sufficient SPF, of course.)

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