March 18, 2006

The Wearing O' the Green

...the green tinge to my face this morning, that is. Well, not really. As predicted, I was quickly outpaced by my Irish friends at the St. Paddy's Day festivities at the Mystic Celt last night. We were a little disappointed to have missed a performance by the Hothouse Flowers (singer pictured at left with Bono), but fun was still had.

I stuck to my original plan of hanging around for two drinks (I know - lame), so I'm not too bad off this morning, just a little dry in the mouth, and a bit draggy. I still rolled out of bed early, but I'm not feeling terribly ambitious at the moment.

My friend B. introduced me to more people than I can remember, and I earned many an impulsive kiss from boys wearing football jerseys, blinking Guinness shamrocks, and ridiculous hats.

I probably came off as an idiot to several people I chatted with, because, #1, I don't have "bar ears," and if a room is sufficiently full of music and people talking, I have to really strain to hear what the person right in front of me is saying, and, #2, several of them assumed I was Irish, too, and didn't realize that some of their thick accents and/or slang were hard for me to decode. One poor lad asked me something three times before I realized he was asking me if I had just "come over." I laughed and said "Sort of. I came 'over' from Indiana."

As a public service, I provide the following links. "How to cure a hangover." Next year, try this first - "how to prevent a hangover."

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