April 20, 2006

RIP Scott Crossfield

If you grew up in an aviation family like I did, you read Chuck Yeager's biography at least twice, saw "The Right Stuff" as many times as you saw "Airplane," and you darn well know who Scott Crossfield was. He was a hot dog test pilot who played Mach-tag with Chuck Yeager for years. Yeager hit Mach 1, Crossfield hit Mach 2, Yeager hit Mach 2.1, and so on.

Scotty flew almost all of the experimental planes that were tested at Edwards AFB, including performing amazing things in the X-15, the first rocket-powered plane, which was particularly dangerous and unstable because it was pretty much full on, or full off.

He died alone in a single engine aircraft this week, a Cessna 210A, to be exact. RIP, Scotty.

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