June 25, 2006

Links A'Plenty!

Fun with webcams! This guy's delivery is so deadpan, it makes all the funny effects even...funnier. (I don't know about you, but now I want to be a bunny!).

The Philip K. Dick robot is missing. Possibly off making out with the Sean Young robot.

"Long Awkward Pose:"
"It's simple, really. People look foolish when posing for a picture. So
tell your loved ones you would like to take their photo... then
secretly videotape them the whole time."

The hedgehog blog.

Charles Darwin's tortoise Harriet (aged 176 years) dies.

Jesus heals...your small cuts with His bandages.

Woman realizes car is steering erratically, pulls over, looks underneath, finds dead body.

Worms eat the word "hi" into a tomato.

Cop reaches for his taser to merely subdue a suspect, grabs his gun instead and wounds him.

The Adventures of Keira Knightley's Jaw.

Unphotographable - a photographer describes shots he missed. Less than visually thrilling, more like wryly amusing.

Futurama will live again! New episodes will air on Comedy Central.

"Local lunatic" addresses Charlotte, NC city council, complaining about rogue helicopter pilots, frightening Boy Scouts and making less and less sense as he goes.

Woman parks car in regular parking spot, returns to find workers have painted a new handicapped designation around it, and a fat ticket on her windshield. Is angry, then, when issue is resolved, amused.

Blogging is so hot, even God's doing it now.

So is Al-Zarqawi's mom.

It's a good week to be a cheeseburger - some are going for $100 in Florida, others are being slathered with bacon and stuffed between Krispy Kreme donuts in Illinois.

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