June 28, 2006

Links Galore

Eddie AKA Moose of "Frasier" hightails it to doggie heaven.

Naomi Campbell is sued by another domestic employee, who also claims Campbell physically assaulted her, is inarguably a total psychobitch.

Comcast technician falls asleep on customer's couch, becomes inadvertant star of YouTube, loses job.

"And I would have gotten away with it, if it hadn't been for you meddling kids!" Boy scouts thwart would-be arsonist.

Man claims to be heroin addict, murderer to avoid jury duty. Is convicted of being a moron.

Octopus McDumplings coming to a McDonald's near you? Blecht.

Man writes $10 check for parking ticket. Memo of "bullshit money grab" might land him 30 days in jail.

Weird stuff recently left on London subway system: lawnmower, a stuffed eagle, a blow-up doll, human skull.

The StinkyMeat Project. If this doesn't make you seriously consider vegetarianism, it's only because you can't smell it. Double blecht!

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