July 18, 2006

Links? Why Yes, Thank You

NPR's schizophrenia simulator. Offers some insight into why some homeless-types on my street think I'm their girlfriend.

A guy made several trades, starting with a red paperclip, ending up with a house. Yeah, a house.

Ted Nugent is an idiot and a jerk. Not that this is news.

Morbid: MySpace pages of the recently deceased.

One interesting feature of online communication: why are we all so rude and nasty online? I don't know. Piss off.

Vienna sausage art. Pig colons were never so aesthetically pleasing.

Donatella Versace admits 18-year cocaine habit. PR person needs to tell her that "I had so much fun. I had the best time of my life," doesn't make her sound as contrite and forgiveable as other things she could have said.

People who are obsessed with wanting to amputate their own limbs.

Maybe Jesus walked on ice. Heck, if you're going to go that far, why not speculate that maybe he crossed the Sea of Galilee on a jetski?

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