September 18, 2006

Cutest Referral, International Superstardom

Vanity googling. Who can resist? Certainly not me.Did you know I was the recent surprise winner of the Toronto Film Prize?

According to Reuters, "''Bella' received no buzz and
little ink during the 10-day event, but still managed to win
the festival's People's Choice Award, voted on by moviegoers."

I give Canada smooches...many, many smooches.

Also, today I celebrate the cutest referral phrase I've tracked so far.

Awww...some little kid must have googled this phrase: "scaryest thing of a animal on earth." Well, either that or a slow adult. Anyway, it's cute.

And finally, a German site and a Japanese site have both linked to me recently, one because of my interview with DVD Trash writer Nick, and one because of my interview with Bubblegumfink.
Seriously, dudes, as Marcus Pawelczyk says, "Seit mehr als sieben Wochen befragt Bella Rossa, angehende Schriftstellerin aus Chicago, in ihrem "Interviews With Bloggers"-Projekt jene Menschen, die genauso wie ich unverhältnismäßig viel Zeit darauf verwenden, Weblog-Einträge zu schreiben. Diesmal: Nick von DVD Trash." Don't make me say it twice.

The title of the post on the Japanese blog is, for reasons I'd probably rather not know, "JACKINTIME." The site describes itself thusly: "This E-zine is enjoying Stage,Cinema,Music,Book,Art,...and more! YARD* Fun TO POP culture YARD* Fun to POPcultuer Transration>>English Here Powered by Google." No, it actually says "transration." Really.

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