October 29, 2006

Sloan's First ("Real") Film Shoot

My dear little pumpkin and BFF Sloan spent last night (and early this morning) at the Purple Hotel here in Chicago working as an Assistant Director (and smokin' hot actress) in a video for Josie Aiello, Warner Brothers recording artist. Sloan writes about it here. (And, in case you're wondering, she's going to ditch the ridiculously scribbly URL she's been putting her stuff up on so far and move her blog over to the much more neatly named SloanTaylorFilms.com soon.)

Lots of fun details to fill in here later (how did this come about, what did she learn and do, what creative connections did she make while there, etc.), but it's such a cool exciting thing that I had to make a brief mention of it.

Go Sloan! Just to remind you, my brilliant little niece isn't even done with school yet. She just bought a Mac and editing software a few weeks ago. Only a few months ago did she start saying "I want to be a writer and filmmaker" out loud.

I can't even imagine where life will find her a year from now. It's so wonderful to see all that she's making possible in her life and in mine. I am so thrilled for her, and it's not just the opiates talking.And, as if to illustrate once again how synched she and I are in our nascent creative evolution, I dreamt about her, and a film shoot, several times last night (even in between episodes of waking up to sip water and take meds). Of course, since it was my dream, it was a comedy project we were working on, but still, we were there together, having fun and being creative with the friend she worked on this project last night with. It's nice to know my subconscious, at least, is getting on board with all the opportunities opening up in my life.

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