November 18, 2006

I'm On The Front Page Of Gapers Block

Gapers Block gave me a little shout-out today. (Thanks to K-Rock for letting me know.)

"New And Notable Chicagobloggers -

"A few new blogs on worth mentioning...very well-written blog Bella Rossa caught my attention with this post title: 'Gabriel Garcia Marquez Shoots Reese Witherspoon, and I Can't Walk in These Heels.' All worth your time."

Awww...I love you, too, Gapers Block. (They were also kind enough to mentioned The Bastion when we launched, and I've exchanged some friendly e-mails with Gapers Block's publisher, Andrew Huff.)

1 comment:

Coaster Punchman said...

As I told Lulu, you're already famous to me. Please remember the little people!