January 4, 2007

January Sunburn, Cornball Feynman

Of course it's a sign of global warming, the impending environmental apocalypse, and the dooming of all humanity and whatnot, but darn, I've been digging the unseasonably warm weather Chicago has been experiencing of late. In the last two days, friends and I have enjoyed some wonderful, very long walks along the lake (six miles, in one case). I forgot my SPF 65 one day, and burned my sensitive little cheeks, but I'm too full of endorphins and recently-absorbed Vitamin D to care.

Unexpected development - I may be allergic to corn. I've definitely developed a new allergy to something - not the anaphylactic, life-threatening kind, but the coughing like someone's emphysemic grandma after an enchilada kind. I'm from Indiana! My tiny hardworking ancestors fled Europe to work the till plains of Indiana, and create new lives out of freedom, and liberty...and corn. My dad will still, some seasons, get out his old heirloom tractor and stir up a few rows of popcorn out in the back field, and later go nuts with the full-size movie theater style popcorn machine he has in the barn. How can a Hoosier girl be allergic to corn?

I know it's mega nerdy, but in times of intellectual confusion and general life puzzlement and reassessment, I usually find myself watching Carl Sagan's Cosmos again and again, reading favorite old sci-fi tomes, and beseeching the wisdom of Richard Feynman. Hold the tomatoes, please, it's not like I worship at the altar of Katherine Janeway or something. Anyway, while googling for more Feynman, I found this marvelous 40 minute documentary video called The Pleasure of Finding Things Out. I don't know if you're into this kind of thing, but if you are, enjoy.


Johnny Yen said...

A few years ago, I took my son in for a "scratch" test for allergies. My ex- and I knew he had a severe allergy to strawberries-- a frantic emergency room visit for an epi shot on his second birthday was when we found this out. We had some surprises-- he had allergies (all mild) to corn, pork, green beans, eggs and tuna. Doesn't stop him from eating any of those, though.

More power to you on Cosmos-- my co-best friend Jim turned me on to both the book and movie. Appropriately, I spent New Year's Eve with him watching old episodes of the origianal Star Trek's second season-- I'd given him that DVD set for Christmas.

Feynman was one interesting cat, wasn't he? 50% scientist and 50% rock star. There was a pretty good biography published about ten years ago-- I remember reading the review in the New York Times.

Bella Rossa said...

If I weren't so cheap, I'd go in for medical testing with the allergy thing, but for now I'm using the DIY method. I stayed away from corn for two weeks, and then had a fistful of Corn Chex - ten minutes later, my sinuses felt like they were full of concrete, and I was coughing like crazy. Sorry, home state, one of your best-known products is now off-limits to me.

Yes, indeed, Richard Feynman was a fascinating personality. I never get tired of reading quotes and anecdotes about him. What an original thinker, and charismatic figure.

Prego said...

1. I wrote about the global warming thing myself, coincidentally.

2. Conversation heard in my school lunch room:

Kid A - "Do you want my corn? I know you like it, 'cuz you're Indian."
Kid B - "I know you like it, too, 'cuz YOU'RE indian."

3. I'll check out the viddy later. Catching up with old friends.

later, love.

Chancelucky said...

Isn't it a good thing for a comedy writer to be allergic to corn?

Chancelucky said...
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Chancelucky said...
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MJ said...

Corn allergy? Uh oh. Take a look at the book, "The Omnivore's Dilemma" by Michael Pollan ... the first section traces most grocery-store food to corn sources. :(

Collin said...

We're being unseasonably shat upon by the snow gods every Friday lately. I'm jealous of your sun.

webmaster said...

You can definately get a sunburn any time, any weather, any conditions. Just watch out if your kids get an Indian sunburn, there may be a bully.