January 10, 2007


I always feel silly making posts like this, because it implies that I presume a large and devoted readership that has been lying around bemoaning lack of Bella. I'm not that big-headed.

But yes, I am taking a bit of a blogging sabbatical. Just a short one. I have several new projects I'm beginning (or continuing) work on, and I really need to focus on how I'm going to juggle all of them, do well with each of them, and not drive myself utterly nuts.

So I'm giving myself permission to stop worrying about lack of content on Bella Rossa for now. Give me a week. Or a few. And I'll come back refreshed and bursting with cool new content.

Feel free to e-mail and annoy me in the meantime, and also, enjoy this completely bizarre 1987 fashion and lifestyle video by Young and the Restless star Brenda Dickson. Did you know that fashion can be acquired? And that when you're shopping, your eye will naturally be drawn toward things you like? My god. She's like a prophet. Or a dull narcissist with borderline personality disorder. One or the other. (Where is Brenda now, you may ask? Going blonde and putting her name on a website designed by an eighth grader using a Commodore 64 in 1995, apparently.)


Chancelucky said...

enjoy your time away from blogging.

Dale said...

See you in a while!

Bella Rossa said...

Thanks! See you all again soon.

Dale said...

I just got around to enjoying this video and you know you're going to end up on her 'website' as one of her great friends right Bella?