June 17, 2007

I See You Over There in the Corner, Comedy. We'll Chat Again Soon

I've been squinting at comedy out of the corner of my eye for the last few weeks. I've been so overwhelmed with new writing jobs and other things that I've had to delegate some opportunities for comedy interviews with some of my idols, including Janeane Garofalo and Patton Oswalt. Truth be told, these interviews just wouldn't have happened if it had just been up to me, and I wouldn't have come up with all the intelligent and informed questions Dan did.

This part made me especially happy. Patton actually said to Dan: "I'm talking to really cool people that are also going to share my enthusiasm for, if not just comedy but just for the arts. And for just things. Easy to talk to. Like the way that we are talking right now, this is more just like a conversation it's not some guy going (in a nasally voice) 'Well how would you define comedy?' You know? I'm actually talking to comedy fans, which is great."

Patton also said this, when Dan asked him about advice for new comedians: "Go on stage a lot. Just go on stage a lot. Find your own venue. Find your own space. Work on just making those five minutes really count. And if there's not enough stage time, go create your own stages."

I've also been playing hooky at open mics where friends have continued to work and make great progress (check out the fancy video editing by Dan, all of the sudden!):

The hilarious and clever Rebecca:

The delightfully annoyed Dan:


K-Rock said...

and to think, patton initially turned dan down for an interview! and go go Bastion Team made it happen for him!

remind me to tell you how weird it is that i also could have had those interviewing opportunities, and opted not to. after being a fan of janeane's for over a decade... and then having this opportunity... and not taking it. and how wacky and wonderful that is to realize.

Bella Rossa said...

Yay Team Bastion!

I felt the same way about not doing the interview.

I was very glad to "squeeeee" Dan the news, though, and he did a kickass job.