July 25, 2007

50 Redheads On The Same Subway Car

...and they all want to buy sunscreen. It's an Improv Everywhere gag, and I think it's awesome.

For our latest mission, over 50 redheads rode the subway together and protested a Manhattan Wendy’s for their “racist logo.”...Agent McCarthy...proposed, “What would it be like if you got onto a subway car and slowly realized that everyone on the car but you had red hair?” Redheads only make up 1% of the world’s population, and with the racial diversity of the New York subway system, it’s probably an even smaller percentage.

One of the commenters on the original YouTube posting said "That's the most freckles I've seen in one place since Conan went high def."


Chancelucky said...

If you're ever in Oakland, you need to go to an A's game. Bobby Kielty (who may not be long for the team) has a rooting section in right field whose members all don bright red wigs in his his honor. Either that or they all look like that.

Dale said...

Everyone's a little bit ginger inside. I love the Improv Everywhere gang.

Bella Rossa said...

Pretty cool, huh? And it's funny reading the comments on the Improv Everywhere site, from the people completely missing the point. i.e. "I don't understand how Wendy's is racist, please explain."