November 1, 2007

Another ChUC Podcast: Nerd Passion Becomes Rage

From Tuesday night. This is also up on Vocalo, and I spent enough time editing out all the f*bombs that it should be eligible for radio play.

"Post-comedy show chatter is a always a mishmash, but at Chicago Underground Comedy, there are always a lot of passionate nerdy discussions. In this segment: "Lost" theories -- the little-explored "WWII doom scientists" backstory, the "accelerated psychic abilities" theory, who cares who kisses Kate? Jared Logan, Ricky Carmona, and Elizabeth McQuern love Star Trek, but Dan Telfer thinks the hot Borg chick is called "7, 8, 9," and can't get into things his parents were nerds about -- but was still scared by Dr. Who "garbage bags with lizard masks." Jared thinks Star Trek beats Star Wars by a mile. All agree that the final three Star Wars movies ruined the first three. Jared describes George Lucas as a "P.T. Barnum, Henry Ford, anti-semitic piece of crap." And no, the recording isn't skipping, there were lots of f*bombs that needed to be edited out. These are comedians, people."
(6 minutes, 43 seconds - click here to listen.)


Dan Telfer said...

Man I'm obnoxious. I'm even slapping the table like an monkey. Yikes.

Bella Rossa said...

Dude, no, this is awesome stuff, seriously.

Jared is the one I'd describe as full of rage (and therefore hilarious, of course) who calls for a spiked dildo up George Lucas' ass. You're just passionate.

Although it's a little disconcerting that you call "Seven of Nine" "7 8 9."

Dan Telfer said...

Who cares, Star Trek doesn't count.

Mike & Jazz said...

omg, it's my fave aunt E. hit me up in dc, i should be free. if not, it wasn't meant to be. all my love -III

Bella Rossa said...

DAN! Bite your nerdly tongue! As I said on the clip, Star Trek is like my religion. Don't oppress me.

Michael! Is that my little ubby wubby Michael? My little binky boopy Michael? You have a blog now! You're so grown up.