November 19, 2007

Technological Difficulties, Lack of Proper Social Stimulation

If someone could explain to me why it takes a full hour for iMovie to put a letterbox I didn't specify around recently imported Canon HD footage, I would be ever so grateful.

And if anyone could advise me on why Gmail is not allowing me to add to the Chicago Underground Comedy e-mail list in any of the six thousand different ways I'm trying to do that, that would be swell.

Also, if any of my readers could help me find the 15 minutes of Prescott's footage for his Comedy Central thing that apparently turned to digital dust on my hard drive, never to be seen again, that would go a long way toward preventing me from hurling myself out the window right now.

I'm really stressed right now. I need a hug. Oh, wait, what?

"ERROR MESSAGE 987243: The hug so desperately needed by your
oxytocin-deficient brain cannot be located on this machine. Please proceed to the nearest likely place to find a partner suitable for engaging in hugging and other oxytocin-boosting activities, including kissing, fondling, and sex."

Thanks a lot. Now I have to get drunk and to go Berlin.


Nellie Ann said...

well, if it makes you feel any better....I didn't even know you COULD make email lists in gmail!! I realize that probably DOESN'T make you feel better, but I really didn't have anything else witty in my back pocket.

Bella Rossa said...

Aw, thanks, NA. I'm just going a little crazy from putting myself into lockdown hermit working mode. I realize at some point it's healthier to stop working and interact with fellow humans, so that's what I'm going to do for now.

Nellie Ann said...

Social interaction is good. Look at it this could be in Rockford....

Bella Rossa said...

Good point. Speaking of which, have you seen this Maria Bamford clip, where she talks about being the first stand-up comic Miss America?

"As your Miss America, I would travel all over this great country, from the Chucklebucket in Rockford Illinois, to the Laugh Carafe in Schaumberg, Illinois..."

Nellie Ann said...

OMG!!! Because I needed ANOTHER reason to fall a little bit more in love with the Bammer!!!!!! *sigh*

K-Rock said...

i might be able to help w/ the gmail stuff.... but you might have already tried the stuff i would suggest/try.... as for the video stuff, i really hope you are able to sort it out. :(:(:(

Bella Rossa said...

Aw, K-Rock, baby, you are always there for me. You're so effing great.

I figured out the vid issue. Have stalled the gmail stuff until I can get some sleep. It'll be fine.

But I want a hug next time I see you. :)