December 14, 2007

Three Essential Poses For Chicago Winter

I've been doing a lot of trudging through snowy, sometimes icy, sometimes puddly Chicago streets lately, usually running late, usually carrying a big purse, a camera bag, a laptop bag, a tripod, and sometimes another laptop bag. Because Chicago is colder than polar bear's ass right now, I'm usually also wrapped like a mummy, but with flannel. Between hoods, hats, and scarves, my peripheral vision is dangerously reduced, and have I mentioned that sometimes when I'm going up and down the stairs at various CTA stations throughout Chicago, my old swimmer's knee gives out on me and I stumble to the ground?

Someone at Cheetah needs to teach a yoga class that helps you master the following poses:

#1 About to fall
#2 Falling
#3 Just fell

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