February 3, 2008

Winter Weekend Blahs

I wrote a new song, "Finnegan's Cake."

("Winter Is Fired," by Brandi Ediss, at left.)

Teresa and Nellie and I found a beautiful and spacious apartment we really liked -- cross your fingers.

I broke a nice sweat in the gym, twice. Still felt kinda low.

The Super Bowl came and went. Somebody won.

Bryan graded papers. We had pizza.

The snow fell...and fell some more.

A pattern appeared on Bryan's jeans cuff. I liked the cresting wave of the salt separating from the water in the fabric.

Anyone have a condo in Cancun they'd like to loan me?


k.barrick said...

I love that salt ridge too.

The only thing is that it makes people REALIZE that I haven't washed my jeans in a couple of days (when the salt is there in the morning already).

Watching John McCain talk... his mom is the perfect example of crazy old lady who can do whatever she wants. Like live. Till she's in her 90s and her ancient son runs for president.

Bella Rossa said...

I have been wearing the same two pairs of jeans all winter, and I don't care who knows. :)

nora said...

I love that cake. And not just because I generally love cake.

Bella Rossa said...

I, too, am a fan of cake, and also of incredibly sweet-tempered girls who only rarely cut loose with the f-word. (Seriously, if you knew Brandi, you'd appreciate the cake even more.)

Nellie Ann said...

I drop the F bomb on a fairly regular basis, and even I can appreciate that cake. Oh, and I like cake. Is it chocolate?

Nellie Ann said...

p.s. there is a new counter in the left hand column of my blog - just. for. you.