April 30, 2008

"SEX!": An Important Lesson in Tagging YouTube Videos

I'm editing and posting clips of last night's Chicago Underground Comedy show, and it seems that tagging the Money Kids' video with "Sex and the City" (one of their bits) makes it a viewer magnet. I posted the clip about 4 hours ago and it's up to over 3500 views.

I noticed that within minutes, the clip was getting hundreds and hundreds of views, and I thought maybe it had been chosen as a featured clip in the comedy section or something, but I guess it's just my new tactic of using tags to describe the content of the comedy that attracted all that attention.

Yes, Lauren Lapkus and Candy Lawrence are adorable and sexy as well as being hilarious, but, uh, it's a comedy clip, and you can't put actual sex clips on YouTube anyway. What the heck, internetizens?

Anyhoo, here's the highlight reel from last night's show, featuring Prescott Tolk, Sean Flannery, CJ Sullivan, Dan Polydoris, Money Kids, and James Vickery. It features NO SEX WHATSOEVER:


K-Rock said...


thank GOD, considering THAT bunch.

total j/k, comedian buddies!

but seriously, i think that there are probably even bigger SATC nerds out there, searching constantly and being Google alerted to anything, and i mean ANYTHING, online pertaining to the upcoming movie!!!!!

sorry if that URL doesn't work; can't remember what Blogger will accept in comments. but at ANY rate, this movie is the Iron Man or the Dark Knight for shallow 20 and 30 something girls everywhere (myself DEFINITELY included!).

Elizabeth McQuern said...

There is no room in my brain for SATC matters because the new Indiana Jones movie is coming out, with both childhood crush Harrison Ford and inappropriately young crush Shia LaBeouf.

It's like pie made out of cake!