May 20, 2008

Come To My Show TONIGHT! All The Cool Kids Will Be There

We took last week off, which felt sort of weird. I wouldn't call it taking a breather, since I biked to and from DePaul to tape Carrie and Cameron (and had a bone-rattling collision with a car). I admit I missed having new footage to craft into a highlight clip. I am turning into a major editing geek.

Anyway, we have a great Chicago Underground Comedy lineup for tonight.

Performers from our cast include the clever and nicely accented Adam Burke, the one-of-a-kind Robert Buscemi, the ebullient and charming Ricky Carmona, and the increasingly hilarious Brendan McGowan.

Special guests are wry and witty Lincoln Lodge cast member Cameron Esposito and the genius boys behind Hey You Millionaires, who, it's true, recently played Whirlyball with their heroes and namesakes, Kids in the Hall.

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Dan Telfer said...

Sounds gay. NOPE.