May 20, 2008

MMMMMmmmm More Spinach 'n' Tofu

Melissa invited me on a bike ride to an appointment she had today in Evanston. Then she treated me to a giant lemon meringue ice cream cone at Sweet Occasions, which I topped off with another giant spinach and tofu salad once I got home. I'm probably going to ride my bike to and from ChUC tonight, too, which means more delicious sweet potatoes in my near future. MMMMmmmm.

I promise this will not turn into a food blog, because, since I tend to eat the same things again and again (unless Nellie, Bryan, or Teresa are cooking for me), it would get pretty boring pretty fast.


Melissa said...

I'm going back for another appt next Tuesday.
Lemon Meringue: The Return, perhaps?

Elizabeth McQuern said...

Lemon Meringue Two: Electric Bugaloo! It's ON!