May 16, 2008

Writer, Producer, Long-Distance Facilitator of Comedy

I seem to be doing more producing and booking by proxy these days. More and more people from both coasts are emailing me about finding shows to perform at while in Chicago, and booking people for shows they're planning on doing here.

Check out the poster for NYC comic Ben Lerman's upcoming show at Hamburger Mary's (a few blocks from my house). Ben emailed me via a Bastion/Apiary connection (namely, the lovely Mackenzie Condon) and wanted to see about finding some strong local talent for a show here.

I hooked him up with three of my favorite comics/best comedy pals, Cammie E, Carrie C, and DPolyDo (no, I've never referred to any of them using those nicknames before, and honestly, I don't know why I'm doing it now).

Also notice the second press soundbite: "'Sick and brilliant ukelele comedy' -" Yep, that was me, too.

Anyway, it's just funny how a quiet and essentially shy person like me, by just sitting at a MacBook and sending out friendly, well-written emails, can do so much connecting and facilitating for creativity. Kinda cool.


Nate said...

I think about that a lot too actually. I've been helping to produce some big events over this past year and it's amazing how they can magically come together with little more than a few well typed emails. I find it really rewarding, personally.

Elizabeth McQuern said...

Me, too!

nora said...

I'm doing the same thing, only with music. I never thought of it as a talent until a couple years ago. I get e-mails from musicians all around the country and connect them with gigs in Indianapolis - and usually promote the show also.
....if it was a money making gig....