June 19, 2008


My brother Andrew is very excited to be directing this upcoming Chicago Olympics event:

The second round of fundraising for Chicago's 2016 Olympic bid will debut July 14 with a Millennium Park celebratory event...The event, "Chicago Believes..." will begin with demonstrations by Olympians, Paralympians and Olympic hopefuls and will continue with a $500-per-person dinner and a variety show featuring an array of local performers, including members of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Bandoleros, Hubbard Street Dance, the Anti-Gravity Boots Team, a local gospel choir and renowned tenor Rodrick Dixon.

I'm not sure yet what I think about the Olympics potentially coming to Chicago, but I admit that these rah-rah-Chicago events always make me feel very proud of my adopted city, and of course I'm very proud of my big bro.

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Mo said...

Yay Team Snyder!!!