June 17, 2008


Bryan and I enjoyed our visit to the Lincoln Park Zoo on Saturday. Bryan took lots of good pictures, which are up on his Flickr account now. Some of my favorites:

This is not a picture of one monkey fisting another, which would be disgusting. This is a picture of one monkey picking nits out of another's buttockial region, and then eating those nits, which is perfectly acceptable behavior among lots of people I know.

Two stickbugs going at it. There was goo dripping off them and everything. Kind of gross.

Sad little sand cat. It was sitting so still and looking around so mournfully I wanted to bust it out of its little plexiglass prison.

Forlorn leopard (see above). Plus, that fake sky above him makes me mad. He's not fooled. It doesn't make him feel free.

Bryan when I took his snacks away from him. Look how primal and angry he looks, baring his teeth like that! I had to hose him down and eventually sedate him with banana-flavored painkillers.

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