July 10, 2008

Dan Telfer Opening For Maria Bamford at the Lakeshore Theater!

One of my comedy best friends Dan Telfer is opening for Maria Bamford at the Lakeshore Theater in December!

If there's any one person most responsible for my initial and continued comedy progress in Chicago, it's Dan, who roped me into the open mic posse (where I met Bryan), asked me to co-produce ChUC when it was offered to him, and is just a super generous, encouraging, and team-minded guy. Dan has worked very hard in this last year to grow as a performer and writer, produce our show, and for goodness sake, he became a first-time father this year as well!

It's especially exciting because Maria has been a huge influence on a lot of us in the scene here. Dan and I are both nuts about Patton Oswalt (who Dan did an excellent interview with for the Bastion because I was too intimidated), but Maria's style is perhaps even a bigger influence in terms of performance.

I've interviewed her twice for the Bastion. The first time was my very first phone interview ever, and I was seriously nervous. She could not have been nicer or more gracious.

Bryan and I had our first date at her Lakeshore show last November and we spent many frosty Chicago winter nights huddled by the warmth of my MacBook watching The Maria Bamford Show on SuperDeluxe. The Lakeshore's owner, Ritter, has kindly offered me two free tickets to her next show as an anniversary present to me and Bryan. (Hear that, Bryan? You can't break up with me before at least December!)

Also, Nellie and I bonded over reciting lines from her SuperDeluxe show again and again. Maria is just amazing. She's brilliant and sweet and nervous and wonderful, and I could not be happier for Dan for this well-deserved opportunity.

A video approximation of the December Lakeshore show:




Dan Telfer said...

That's my favorite episode of Maria's show.

Elizabeth McQuern said...

Mine, too! I find myself singing that song with alarming regularity.

Nellie Ann said...

not only is that episode in my top two, but I....love....Maria. Er, Mareba. *sigh*

Oh, and CONGRATS Dan!!!

Elizabeth McQuern said...

Isn't it totally kickass, Nellie, And yes, this means I am going to wedge your squirrely little self into the Lakeshore for a live interview with Our Lady Maria if at all possible. You have been warned!

Nellie Ann said...


Dan Telfer said...

Thanks again for posting this- it just showed up in my Google Alerts and seeing my name next to Maria's is crazy exciting.

Elizabeth McQuern said...

My pleasure! I'm so excited for you!!

Dan Telfer said...

I just got this Google Alert again. Sigh.