July 9, 2008

Ensalada Bella Rossa

Well, it's a little hot today, and I find myself retreating to the coolness of my bedroom to work on my Mac. (We only have A/C in our bedrooms.)

I could brave the heat (and the sun, to which I am allergic, after all) and split for a coffee shop, but ungh. Not right now.

Flora is happily leaning into my legs and I'm stuffing a spinach, tofu, and apple salad into my yaw.

Unfortunately for you, I have Photo Booth on my Mac, so I'm going to document my lunch for you.



Erica said...

Fortunately, you mean! That looks deeelish!

Melissa said...

Hey--I was stuffing tofu into my yaw for lunch yesterday, too. We are cosmically connected.