July 16, 2008


Last night's ChUC was fun - my mom was in the audience for the first time, and I loved introducing her to everyone. "You have a lot of friends here," she remarked. It's true. My social life back home involved about three people, and here I count myself lucky to have dozens and dozens of friends.

Pre-show, Paul Thomas and Nick Vatterott shot a video onstage and used me and Schadenfreude's Kate James as "drunk girls doing karaoke," with a twist: we were reciting from Obama's "Audacity of Hope" speech rather than Madonna or Britney Spears. Then Nick recited from Eisenhower's resignation speech. They used Dan as a the host, and used Mom, our family friend Jan, and Bryan as audience members. I'll be interested in seeing the final product.

Using my real name and revealing my personal connection to Chicago's Olympics bid, I joined the fray on Chicagoist, took some criticism, hopefully deflected some heat.

It's 87 degrees today -- "feels like 93." I'm working from home today. With no air conditioning. My Senor Freeze-sicles are practically melting before I can crack them open and pop them into my hot yaw. Man.

Because I think Kate is awesome, one of my favorite of her videos, "Regrets: Kid":

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