July 19, 2008

Sweet Dreams

A few nights ago, I dreamt I was the Obama family's nanny. Awesome.

That same night, Nellie dreamt she was the Blagojevich family nanny. Ew.

Everyone feels like partying tonight except me. Bryan is at Pitchfork for the second night in a row. Nellie and Teresa are heading out to do karaoke, and at the moment they're playing dueling stereos down the hall. Teresa is doing her best Julie Andrew with selections from The Sound of Music and Nellie is blasting her favorites from Annie.

I'm going to be asleep in about ten minutes. I have cut out drinking for the past week in an attempt to stave off the side effects of late nights and extra work but it's not quite doing the trick. I'm beat and I feel really overwhelmed.

Today's expensive life lesson: don't accidentally put alkaline batteries in the Ni-MH charger. Unless you want to part with a totally unnecessary $42.30 to replace your charger and batteries that sizzle, spray, and melt all over your bedroom floor.

1 comment:

Jerell said...

Go on, go on. Did you break out in song-and-dance, Mary Poppins style?