September 11, 2008

And Now, a Post From Calpurnia

Hi, I'm Calpurnia. You may remember me from such previous blog entries as "Calpurnia Rules My World," in which I adorably romp through the box my mother's new camera came in, the endearing video post "Calpurnia's Edamame Breakfast," and the self-explanatory "Calpurnia and Flora Snuggle in the Air Conditioned Comfort of my Bedroom."

I was so spoiled as a baby that I still have a habit of kneading into my mother's armpit whenever she puts her robe on, and suckling into the fabric like a little kitten. Yet at night, when the other cats are safely tucked away, I am big stuff, and I run around the house like a caffeinated tiger on the prowl. The other day I sat in a sunbeam and my mom took these pictures of me. Kinda adorable, I think.

Calpurnia Regina McQuern

Calpurnia Regina McQuern

Calpurnia Regina McQuern


The Imaginary Reviewer said...

Wow, I'm still in awe at your cat's name. That's a stroke of genius, right there.

AHP said...

Your cat writes just as well as you. Amazing!

Mo said...

Aw...little Calpurnia. Give her a behind-the-ear scratch for me.

Elizabeth McQuern said...

Thanks, I.R.! I'd like to say it was strictly an ancient Roman reference, but I was also playing a lot of Sims 2 when I got her, and Calpurnia was one of the pre-loaded characters in that game. :)

AHP - funny, isn't it? I think I'm a good influence on my cat's writing style.

Mo - I will certainly do that.

Nellie Ann said...

calpurnia = blog hog

Chancelucky said...

How do you get it so the cat can type on a computer? Do you have a purr recognition program or something?

Elizabeth McQuern said...

She's just very, very clever, Chance. And she learns a lot by watching me. :)