September 6, 2008

Me in the Tribune's Red Eye Today

I know, I know, some say the Red Eye is a throwaway paper, more of a CTA seat-liner than anything else, but I'm quoted in this particular seat-liner. Me and lots of my comedy sistahs. And I think it's nicely written. Below are my quotes.

"Make us laugh: Small, feisty band of women battles stereotypes for respect in Chicago’s shrinking stand-up scene"

Said comedy producer Elizabeth McQuern, who edits the local comedy blog The Bastion: "In terms of numbers, there are a lot more improv and sketch shows and performers in Chicago than stand-up, and again, the improv influence shapes the unique style of stand-up in Chicago. It's more spontaneous, theatrical and character-based."

Comics like T.J. Miller, Lil Rel and South Siders Shawn Morgan and Vanessa Fraction have made names for themselves in the city, but McQuern called Chicago "a sort of grad school for comedians."

"If we really want to work, the entertainment industry is 90 percent in L.A., and about 8 percent in New York, so after a few years of studying here, we find ourselves trying to decide between coasts and then making plans to split," McQuern said.


Dale said...

You're eminently quotable my friend.

Too bad about The Bastion but you did so much good with it so you're going out proud.

Ken said...

Hey girl,

Nice quote. I thought the article was good, except that for a story about female comics in Chicago, there are not many references to male comedians.

What gives? Reverse-gender-racism against guys? Thought so ;)

Also, thanks for the B. Looking forward to your F (future).

Elizabeth McQuern said...

Thanks, Dale! I feel good about the way things ended.

I agree, Ken, WHERE IS THE ATTENTION FOR THE BOYS? It's so unfair. ;)