September 14, 2008

No Thank You, Sarah Palin, I Don't Want You Making Any Decisions For Me

You can practically hear her brain twitch at the very beginning:

Gibson: Do you agree with the Bush Doctrine?

Palin: In what respect, Charlie?

I was scared just by the way she said "In what respect, Charlie?" She seems really brittle, and aggressive. Then there was the 25 seconds of "swirling generalities" until Gibson proceeds, confirming that yes, he did just ask for her interpretation of the Bush Doctrine, and that no, she didn't know what the Bush doctrine was.

What else gives me the creeps about Sarah Palin?

Well, whereas I enjoy nurturing and caring for animals, she enjoys killing them, and she defends the practice of shooting animals from airplanes.

She thinks the war is a "task from God." Please don't drag religion into war, ma'am. That is arrogant and terrifying.

She is against the right to choose, even in cases of rape and incest.

What else? Well, she...

Is against civil rights for gay people.

Promotes abstinence-only education, which is a farce.

Wants creationism taught as science in public schools.

"She doubts global warming stems from human activity."

Wants polar bears declared non-endangered so she can drill for oil in their habitat.

Also, from a practical viewpoint, if you have five kids, including an infant with Down's Syndrome, a pregnant (married?) 17-year old, and a soldier about to ship off to Iraq, how are you going to take care of all of them and also handle all of the responsibilities of Vice President of the United States? Or at least, how could you contemplate that without a smidgen of humility, rather than all the fierce "I'm ready" talk?

Do. Not. Want.

(Thanks to Speedy for many of the links in this post.)


Nellie Ann said...

But....but....she's pretty!!! And, I mean, c'mon, what red blooded American doesn't want a pretty lady to look at!? (unless you're also a lady. cuz that'd make you kinda gay. in which case, I think we all know you're going to hell...without health insurance)

Are you un-American?!?! ARE YOU?!?!?!

Sorry. I drank a lot of redneck juice this weekend...

I hate her.

Elizabeth McQuern said...

I don't hate her.

I just don't want her leading my country.

nora said...

Charlie? What are you asking Charlie? Charlie?