September 13, 2008

When Will the Rain Stop?

I just posted this one-minute video on a post at Chicago Metblogs:

When Will the Rain Stop? Your guess is as good as mine. All the usual weather sources say this last 24 hours of rain we’ve had are going to stretch out into a couple of days. Let’s just be thankful we’re not getting what the storm is giving people in Galveston, Texas right now.

Take a peek at this one minute video I made just for Chicago Metblogs that proves Chicagoans are still out enjoying the day, even when it’s gray and puddly out there. (Watch for the bit at the end where it gets all meta and stuff.)


Geli Girl said...

Man! Do I miss Chicago. I can't really walk anywhere right now and I don't have a car. I love that people are going out. I've succumbed to watching t.v. which is fine for me once in a while. But I never really do watch t.v. normallu, which makes me feel like I am beginning feel like a lump on the couch.

Dan Telfer said...

Man do I love the rain. This has been awesome.

Elizabeth McQuern said...

I have sort of enjoyed it. It's a nice excuse to focus on indoor activities but a little sunshine is nice, too.