October 1, 2008

More Sarah Palin Bullshit

Mrs. Palin, people are asking you what magazines and newspapers you read to see what informs your worldview and your cultural literacy, not to suggest that Alaska is out of touch. Nice attempt at a dodge, though! Except you're too clumsy and transparent for that to work.

Wow! You read most or all magazines and newspapers? That is impressive, ma'am. There are over 5,000 English periodicals published on a regular basis. Did you have help with that, or did you do it while juggling all your gubernatorial and familial duties, as well?

I love the part where Palin says "Alaska isn't a foreign country..." and Katie looks off to the side, because she knows Palin is again twisting and repurposing the question. Katie isn't saying Alaska is out of touch, Sarah, she's asking you what goddamned newspapers and magazines you read, and you can't even answer that question honestly.

P.S. If Katie Couric hands you your own ass on a platter, you would not be able to survive a meeting with Vladimir Putin. No, ma'am.

Oh, and just for fun: you learn something new about yourself every day -- I guess because I'm a liberal feminist I want "everyone to get abortions." Good to know where I stand on that!

And finally, the Sarah Palin interview answer generator. Almost as impressive as the real thing!

Q: How will you fix the economy?

A: The economy and putting it back on the side of the American people. And of course, and democracy, is with new leadership comes opportunity to change, and who's actually done it? That's something that John McCain and I have not and I have both been discussing whether that is what America needs today...

And one last thing. If you haven't already, take three minutes and REGISTER TO VOTE.


Erica said...

I am horrified and terrified.

I hope all of America sees what an idiot she is in the next month.

If she wins, we'll move to Belgium and drink their beer.

Will O'Neill said...

Hey Bella,

I am a writer / comedian blogger looking for other writer / comedian bloggers to follow, and yours is great!

I assume you've seen this also: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6XvedQbaQo

For someone who isn't a comedian, Cafferty's timing on 'D'ya get that?' is flawless...!

Yay America.

Elizabeth McQuern said...

Agreed, Erica. If it comes to it, I'll pack up my cats and yours, and our men, and we'll go drown ourselves in Belgium beer.

Nice to meet you, Will O'Neill! Thanks for sharing that clip. My god, can the woman directly answer a question or make sense at all??

The Imaginary Reviewer said...

Sarah Palin reads all magazines? That means she reads Socialist Worker and Secular Humanist right? And that means she's a Godless Commie. Shame on her.

Incidentally, this may or may not be of interest, but I'm a big fan of cryptic crosswords. Today I noticed that a valid cryptic crossword definition of "Palin" would be "Left in Pain by Politician (5)". How very apt.

Elizabeth McQuern said...

Yes, IR, if only Palin had a subscription to Professional Speaker Magazine.

Nellie said...

Sarah. Palin. Reads??

Amy said...

I'm so glad that we have such a fine specimen of a female representing us lasses. Cus we have to vote for her. We have vaginas. That's the rule, right?

Maybe I'll have a sex change just for this election so I can vote for Obama like I've been planning on for the past year.

AHP said...


Republicans have been "twisting and repurposing questions" for 20 years. Palin is a perfect addition to McCain's ticket. I just can't decide who's dumber or makes less sense, GW Bush or Palin. We'll let the debate give us the answer.

Elizabeth McQuern said...

Well, Nellie, she claims to. Then again, she claims to be a Joe Six-Pack, albeit one with a net worth hovering around one million dollars.

Right on, Amy, it's vagina power!

And you're right, AHP. At this point I find it hard to tell if Palin is smarter than Bush, because I don't feel like she ever answers questions by actually speaking her mind.